“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time”

 – Thomas Merton


Imagination is more important than knowledge.

 – Albert Einstein
Art underpins every child's experience in the primary years. Everything they do utilises the skills they develop through their art education from their ability to hold pencils, paint brushes and craft tools, to their critical view over their own work and that of others; whether that be their peers or internationally famous art figures of the past and present.
Art education allows our children to develop a wide range of ever more complex skills and strategies which allow them to tackle visual and ethical problems, strive to achieve their potential and share their ideas with others.
In developing our art curriculum, we want to ensure every child values their artistic contribution to life and also appreciates the contribution of others.
There are many opportunities for children to gain cultural capital in Art at Etwall Primary School, for example, children take part in various art projects, for example Year 5 and 6 are taking part in a Happiness in Nature Project which with incorporate the children's designs, resulting in a mural on each classrooms windows.  Art has been linked to recent whole school projects such as creative poppies to commemorate Remembrance Day and rainbows to celebrate key worker. 
The impact of our curriculum can partly be seen in the wonderful photos of our work below. 
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