English at Etwall Primary School
Our English curriculum
At Etwall, we love to read! We have even had a new library built for us to enjoy, full of exciting new books. 
When you start in Reception, you will learn to read and write using Phonics, and this will continue throughout Years One and Two, having lessons which are currently based on Letters and Sounds. As well as phonics, you will read many different types of books, which will inspire you to write in your English lessons. 
In Years Three and Four, we build on your reading knowledge, moving onto building up reading skills with our friends, The Pawsome Gang. They will help you to do more than just decode the words, but also learn how to use inference, prediction and vocabulary skills. In the same way as in Years One and Two, we use high quality texts to inspire us to be ambitious writers. 
In Years Five and Six, we build on the skills from prior years, and once again use high quality texts to inspire our writing. We love to use our individual narrative voices to write creatively, as well as formally. The texts that we choose are ambitious, and we explore the writer's intent in detail. 
Throughout each year, we expect children to write with ambition, and to stretch their vocabulary. All lessons are linked to the topic we are working on, which means we are completely immersed in our learning! 
Our favourite thing about reading is that we have a very special member of staff to help us, and he is an honorary member of The Pawsome Gang.... scroll down the page to meet this very special individual!
Visit from an author
In September, we were visited by an author called Tim, also known as TM Jorden, author of 'The adventures of Poppy and Lord Ted'. 
He brought Lord Ted in to see us and spent time showing us how to be writers, too. 
Tim read to us, and tole us about what he did to become a writer. Many of us have now begun writing our own adventures!
Here is Tim's fantastic website:
Working together
At Etwall, we enjoy working together to improve our writing. We work in pairs to develop our skills, and use a shopping list or 'success criteria' to help us make sure we have practised writing all of the features of a text genre,